Tuesday, October 04, 2005



It finally happened, Belle Cantrell made her debut into literary society on September 27 at Barnes and Noble in Los Angeles.  Over a hundred people were there to witness her coming out.
To promote the party, I had this great idea: I would email everyone I knew and invite them to the launch.  This way, even people who lived as far away as Paris or Berlin would know about my new book.  My sweet husband figured out how to send out over six hundred invitations on the computer.  It took us a day, writing the invitation, futzing with the computer, but we sent them out.
     What I hadn’t realized was so many of my wonderful friends and acquaintances would email me back.  Then, because I’m an inveterate Southern Belle and have been “brought up right” and “not in the barn with the pigs” (thank you mama) I had to write everyone a personal, “I look forward to seeing you and congratulations on your new (show, job, child, apartment, fill in the blank) or I’m so sorry you won’t be with us, but have fun in (Paris, Berlin, New York, at your real-estate class, whatever.)  I used to love writing letters.  If I had been born in a previous century, I can see myself sitting in my boudoir penning long, leisurely letters to far away friends.  But emails are different.  They eat your life.
When I wasn’t chained to my computer, or hiring a caterer this was to be more than a book signing, it was a celebration of Louisiana history and culture, so I had to find someone who could make real New Orleans Muffaloto sandwiches and Louisiana sausage, or co-coordinating with my three great friends who agreed to co-host the party, I was scouting the location (that’s show biz talk for driving to the bookstore, chatting with the Community Relations Manager, and having ice tea with one of my co-hostesses,  Bonny Dore, a fabulous TV producer and personal manager, and friend who helped me with deal with everything.)
I expect to have some photographs soon.  Another hostess, Gail Schenbaum had the good sense to marry Eric Lawton, a prize-winning photographer.  He took lots of photos.  I’ll put them up as soon as I get them.  
Now, you, reader.  I’m as flattered as I can be that you’ve taken the time to read my blog, but do yourself a favor and stop surfing and get on with your day.

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