Wednesday, March 08, 2006



A lot of authors complain about book tours.  Not me.  So when Leanna Bonamici of Casablanca Studios in Desert Hotsprings, asked me to speak to the Palm Springs Chapter of Women In Film at their monthly breakfast on February 11th, I jumped at the chance.  While the East Coast was covered with snow, I got to spend the weekend in the sun surrounded by one of the world’s most beautiful golf courses.  Unfortunately I don’t play golf, somehow I’ve never been able to connect with little balls, but after the breakfast I spent an hour swimming in the pool.  

I’m only sorry I didn’t get any pictures of Leanna, or my hostess, president of the Palm Springs Chapter of Women In Film, the beautiful Denise DuBerry Hay and her beautiful sisters.  However, here are some pictures of the house and the meeting as well as one with Craig Lawver from Borders of Rancho Mirage who was gracious enough to come out and sell books.  OK, here’s the truth, I’m hoping I can get Picassa to send the pictures.  

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