Monday, July 30, 2007

The Council of 100 in Los Angeles

C100 in LA--The Southern Belle Loves a Good Party

One thing all Southern Belles have in common is we love parties and we were trained from birth to give them. So this year, when it was time for Northwestern University’s Council of 100 to give a party in Los Angeles, it fell on me to organize it.

What’s the Council of 100 you might ask? I explain it as the one hundred most successful women ever to graduate from Northwestern—who are willing to go to those meetings. Our mandate is to mentor and serve as role models for women students and young alumnae. This year we met at Caffe Roma in the heart of Beverly Hill’s golden triangle. Here are a couple of photos of the event. I’ll hold these on the blog until I get some comments from participants and then I’ll post more. So come on ladies and gentlemen (there were two gentlemen in attendance) start commenting, especially those in the pictures, and I'll put up more photos.

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