Friday, April 30, 2010

Men Are Easy

I talked to a beautiful young 20 something today who told me she was excited because someone invited her for a date.
"What!" I said. "You should be carrying rocks in your pocket to fend them off. What do you mean, you're excited?"
"I guess I'm not very encouraging. When I'm out with my girlfriends, I'm sort of out with them." She went on about how she discourages men.
"How's that working for you?"
She tried to change the subject. Finally she admitted it wasn't working out well at all. She dreams of having children, but I know too many lovely 40 somethings who are sitting home Saturday evenings, because they don't know how to encourage a man.
What she and any girl who's looking for love has to do when they go out on the town is to interview the men who come up to them and offer to buy them a drink.
The guys will love it. As I said in The Scandalous Summer of Sissy LeBlanc, Rule #11 "Men always find themselves the most fascinating subject of any conversation."
Let him talk. He'll enjoy himself and you'll be interviewing for a bf. The point is, you want to find out if he's good enough for you.
More tips on how to interview for a boy friend in later blogs.

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Mindy Long said...

I loved Sissy's rule #11 and laughed when I read it. She was right! I always took that approach. I'm no longer single, but I still try to adhere to the rule when I meet someone new at a party or event. Those same people who spent all night talking about themselves will probably walk away thinking you were a great conversationalist.

I was just reviewing Sissy's rules this week. They are so inspiring!!! Thank you, thank you for writing them.