Wednesday, December 29, 2010


I want to recommend a wonderful blog for readers: FOR THE LOVE: Melissa, lawyer, homemaker, and avid reader lists her favorites for 2010.

I love that she said: "I've read by the pool, at the gym, in bed at night and in the hammock in the yard. I read the books I wanted to read. Not the book that would make me look like a cultured smarty-pants to passers-by at the hotel pool or the latest novel to receive a glowing review from the New York Times so I could chat about it at a cocktail party. (We've all done this, right?)"

A book is an investment of time. And that's all we have. How do you choose a book? Where do you like to read?

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Mindy said...

My favorite place to read is the bathtub, which is why I haven't rushed to buy an e-reader! But, the place I spend the most time reading is in my car. I keep a book in there with me and sneak in a few minutes here and there if my kiddos fall asleep in the car.