Saturday, January 05, 2013

Of Course I Gained Weight Over the Holidays, Didn't You?

Rule # 5: Living a good life is more important than shedding a few pounds.

What are holidays for if not for feasting with friends?

We had company on New Year's Day for black-eyed peas, rice, cabbage, ham, cornbread, and chocolate pie.  I love my own cooking, especially Southern country cooking, and I managed to gain 3.5 pounds.

When I got on the scale the next morning,  I knew I had to pay attention.

I doubled down on vegetables and logged everything I put in my mouth.  I ate nothing I didn't love.  And although I didn't go to the gym, I tried to exercise every day, either walking or jogging on the elliptical trainer.

I have a theory about exercise.  It's not exactly calories in and calories out, but perhaps our bodies are better able to consume the calories if we get moving.

I lost 2 pounds already.  But tonight we're going to a sushi restaurant.  Opps.

So I'm trying to lose in public.  I'll keep you posted and I welcome you to post with me.

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