Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Southern Belle Rules


How to Make Conversation: 

Men always find themselves the most fascinating subject of any conversation.  When in doubt, let him talk about himself. He’ll think you’re a brilliant conversationalist. Rule Number 11

Laugh at his wit, and he’ll admire your sense of humor.  Rule Number 13

Let him know you think he’s intelligent and he’ll be awed by your perspicacity, even if he can’t pronounce the word. Rule Number 15

How to Get His Attention at a Party:

Look at him over your shoulder or up at him through your eyelashes, and he’ll salivate like a Pavlovian dog.  Pat the seat next to you and he’ll come bounding across the room.  It’s usually ok, to let him sit on the furniture.  Rule Number 5

The Southern Belle's Handbook will be available for download January 29.

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